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What are the features in my Milieu Surveys app?

The Milieu Surveys app is currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching for 'Milieu Surveys'. 


i. New surveys, quizzes, & hot topics: When you launch the app, you immediately see the Home page. Click the Survey or any of the Hot Topics or Quizzes available to begin! Do note that if there are no surveys available, check back in the next couple of days and there should be a new survey waiting for you. If you did not enter your Date of Birth and/or gender during registration, you will not receive any activities to complete, so be sure to provide that information accurately!

ii: Seasonal campaigns: From time to time, you may see awesome little logos on the activities. They indicate that that activity is for a limited time and are themed around a festivity, special occasion, etc. Complete these and you get additional boost points! Check out your Ledger to see the breakdown :)


Tap on the Profile icon to view your stats, ledger, account settings, and more.

i. Stats: Here, you will see your badge level, how many surveys/hot topics/quizzes you have completed, your current weeks streak, as well as how many questions you got right (and wrong) in your quizzes.

ii. Ledger: The ledger shows a breakdown for each activity completed, how many points earned from them (along with additional points for boosts - if any), as well as reward claimed and refunds (if any).

iii. Account: Here, you will be able to check your settings such as:

a. enabling/disabling push notifications, sound effects, and vibration

b. viewing your registered email address, gender, and date of birth

c. editing your first and last name

d. changing your password (for email registration only)

NOTE: If your account has been discovered to hold inaccurate personal details, your account will be suspended.

iv. More: Click here to view:

a. your Refer a friend code (as well as how many successful referrals you have)

b. Terms of use

c. Privacy policy

d. Direct option to delete your account

e. Sign out


Tap on the 'Ticket' icon on the navigation bar to check out what rewards are available to you.

If the cost of points on the right side is blue, that means you have enough to redeem that reward. Yay!

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