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How to redeem a reward?

See an attractive reward? Redeem it with your points!

(*Images provided are for illustration purposes only. Simply tap the Ticket icon to check out the available rewards we've got for you.)

1. Tap on the reward you want to claim. Please note, if the reward ticket is in grey, that means that you have not collected enough points to redeem.

2. Tap 'Claim' to proceed.

3. Fill in your details (to transfer the reward and/or for verification purposes) and tap 'Submit'. Please ensure your information is correct and your email is active to receive the reward. Our rewards partner may not allow refunds.

4. Tap 'Submit' when you see the pop-up. Then Milieu Surveys will send a confirmation email to your registered email address containing your reward details (such as your reference number and reward type you've selected). Do check your inbox (including your spam/junk folder) and keep that email for your reference.

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