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How do I delete my account?

Sorry to hear you're leaving :(

We always strive to give you the best service. We hope you will reconsider and give us the opportunity to resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your account. 


Do note that by deleting your account, it will be permanently closed and we cannot reverse this. You will also be forfeiting your badge level and any points, boost or other related benefits.

If you agree and consent to delete your milieu account, please Contact Us and provide us with below information:

1. Your registered email address

2. The reason for terminating your account (please select one):

A. Account/ registration issues   

(e.g. I didn't register my account properly so I need to terminate this one)

B. Bored with the Milieu Surveys experience   

(e.g. the surveys, Hot Topics, and Quizzes are not interesting)

C. Device issues   

(e.g. storage full, device not compatible)

D. Internet Privacy concern   

(e.g. don't trust how my data is handled, clearing where my personal information is kept)

E. No time to continue   

(e.g. I am not able to dedicate time completing surveys right now)

F. Rewards unappealing   

(e.g. I don't see any brands that are interesting to me)

G. Too long to earn   

(e.g. the points are low and it takes me a long time to reach the minimum amount to claim 1 reward)

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